Responsive technology solutions.

We are a small, agile mobile and web app development team located in Burlington, Vermont. We specialize in modernization of legacy business systems and web enablement of the IBM i.


Custom Mobile and Web Apps

Today, getting to the web is not enough. The ability to reach your customers on a variety of devices is imperative. We have expertise in modern and responsive web technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, jQuery Mobile, Twitter Bootstrap and more.

PHP & Zend Expertise

With on-staff Zend Certified Engineers, our company has deep experience in the world of PHP and Zend Framework 2. We are also an authorized Zend reseller.

IBM i Integration & Application Modernization

With over 30 years experience on the IBM midrange, from System 36 through IBM i, we offer a unique perspective on application modernization and web enablement.

Training & Mentoring

Coming from legacy technologies to the web can be difficult – you need help from someone who speaks both languages. We have been educating the IBMi community on web development for almost 15 years, and offer training, mentoring, and hands-on workshops to help you achieve success in the world of web enablement.

Featured Product: Production Scheduler

Our flagship product offers drag-and-drop scheduling capabilities for a variety of industries. Using an intuitive interface built on JQuery & AJAX technology, we allow your schedulers to interact in real time with your existing database.

Three main panels:

  1. Planned Orders List showing specified date range
  2. Daily Schedule List showing details of single day's orders
  3. Scheduled Orders Grid showing currently scheduled orders for specified 12-day range

Key Features:

  • Size of orders represented visually as size of blocks on Scheduled Orders Grid
  • Drag-and-drop functionality between panels
  • Color-coded display of order types
  • Order blocks turn red when over capacity for that day
  • Ability to re-order priority of orders on schedule
  • Extensive search feature
  • And many more features... let us customize this app for your business!


John Valance, Founder and Chief Technology Officer

A seasoned consultant and developer, John specializes in database and web application development on the IBM i platform. He is also a trainer for Zend Technologies, teaching PHP Foundations for IBM i Programmers. Highly regarded in the IBM midrange community, John is a frequent presenter at user groups, and has created presentations and labs on many web development topics. He's worked on IBM midrange since 1983 and on web development since 1998. John is also an accomplished musician, playing a variety of instruments and styles.

Isaiah Keepin, Lead Developer

Isaiah has been passionate about coding ever since he wrote his first text adventure game on the Commodore 64. These days he is working mainly in PHP and JavaScript, although he is always hungry for something new to learn. When he is not wrangling code, Isaiah enjoys outdoor adventures, particularly with his three kids.

Extended Team

We have ready access to a team of 150 technical professionals with a wide range of skills, allowing us to ramp up or down to meet your project demands.

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